International Awards


Signatory to the Roll of Distinguished Philatelists


1960: J Alfred Birch

1972: Sir Athelstan Caroe CBE


National Awards


The BPF Congress Medal


1961: J Steele-Higgins

1972: TH Wilcox


The BPF Award of Merit


1988: AG Nelis

1988: M Leonard

1998: Alan Randall-Jones

1988: M Saing

1992: D Jones

1998: John Crowther

1988: MP Birks

1992: J Smith

1998: Leslie Parks

1988: Dr AM Goodbody

1998: D Cooper

1998: J Miller

1988: AG Nelis

1998: AV Jones



Federation Award


The Federation Gold Medal is awarded both to Officers of the Federation whose service to the Federation is worthy of note, and collectors who have served philately in the North West and have supported the efforts of the Federation.


Michael P Birks

Jeffrey C Smith

Alan Randall Jones (2000)

Donald Clark

Derek Jones

Peter Kirk (2000)

Anthony Goodbody

Walter Shoton

Alec Marshall (2000)

Michael Leonard

Adrian H Jones (1998)

Beryl Jones (2005)

Leslie Parks

Derek Cooper (1998)

Gerald Jones (2005)

Michael Sanig

John Crowther (2000)